About Us

As market participants, it is needful for us to adapt our products and services continually to comply with new requirements. SWISSINNO SOLUTIONS has therefore specially developed the «INNO» brand product range for the drugstore and grocery trade. 

«INNO» also satisfies the desire of consumers for environmentally friendly and ecologically “green” products. To this end SWISSINNO thus avoids the use of materials and substances which adversely affect the air, water, plants, flora, vegetation, human beings and animals. 

SWISSINNO works daily in interdisciplinary teams with experts from different continents. They are constantly developing more services for our customers and are concerned that production always meets the highest Swiss quality standards. New ideas and innovations are created in this fruitful cooperation.

Our products

# Wasps
# slugs
# flies
# rodents
# fruit flies
# Food moths
# bugs & beetles
# clothes moths

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